Teaching the Art of Revolution
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Plastic Surgery-Beauty Standards


There’s been a lot of stuff about around the impossibility of our beauty standards (for both men, women, GLBTIQ etc) regarding photoshop, and some poor/misguided attempts by companies such as Dove to counteract them.

Youtube videos that show fast-tracked photo manipulation alongside stills of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos are available to further demonstrate these impossibilities of the bodies we…

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Nail Polish Extraordinaire!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Nail Polish Extraordinaire!


My friends, have you heard? There is a new nail polish being developed, capable of wondrous things. The end-all to preventing one of human’s horrific acts. This nail polish promises protection and deliverance while allowing women (or men, or trans*, or genderqueer etc) to remain discreet and feminine.

That’s right ladies (and gentlemen, and my lovely gender-bending friends) this nail polish…

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Rebel Researchers: VENT Mag

Rebel Researchers: VENT Mag

10499615_10203494291215530_2962292466539989915_o (2)When we talk about rebel researchers we are referring to individuals or groups who have chosen to use their professional skills whether its in sociology, graphic design, law, social work, or dance to contribute to the furthering of justice in our society. They are rebels because they go against the grain of what society expects them to use their education and skills for, which is often power and…

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