Teaching the Art of Revolution
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Happy Mentality // Pharrell x Fela Kuti

Happy Mentality // Pharrell x Fela Kuti

dj100proof remixed Pharrell‘s massive hit “Happy” with Fela Kuti’s “Colonial Mentality” from his 1977′s Opposite People/Sorrow Tears and Blood. The Seattle DJ dubbed it “Happy Mentality”.

I thought the shuffle tempo, driving bass lines and horns of Fela Kuti could provide a nice backdrop, so I chopped up his classic.

Stream below.

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You’ve Got to Keep the Anger Inside You Smoldering

You’ve Got to Keep the Anger Inside You Smoldering


I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Highlander Research and Education Center in New Market, Tennessee where I participated in an intensive three-day training that involved nonviolence training led by Kazu Haga of the East Pointe Peace Academy, One-to-One, Community and Power Mapping training led by Highlander Staff and organizational strategy and planning facilitated by the group…

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Quick Tips on Chosing PhD Programs for POCs

Quick Tips on Chosing PhD Programs for POCs


I am in the process of choosing a PhD program to attend this fall. The job of choosing a program has been one of the most intensive things I’ve had to do since deciding to start graduate school. I mentioned in a previous articlethe lack of information transmission from one generation of academics to the next about how to navigate structures of advantage and disadvantage. I was afraid that I would…

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Forbidden Knowledge, Collective Action, and Marginalization in Academia

Forbidden Knowledge, Collective Action, and Marginalization in Academia


I recently attended the Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting to present a paper. That paper was proposing an Africana Sociology that would use African epistemology and social thought to reimagine the sociological enterprise. My primary task at the conference was to gauge interest in such a topic so that I could get a feel for how scientifically useful/well received (interesting how those…

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Constant State of Rage: Being an Academic Misfit in Class

Constant State of Rage: Being an Academic Misfit in Class

So as a continuation to providing survival tactics for people of color (especially Black women) in academia I have decided to share some of my experiences and a bit of my discussions with my brother Will about some tactics of surviving Whitewashed, imperialist, and andro-centric discussions in the classroom.

So this semester I am taking a “Poverty & Inequality” class in the Sociology department…

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